A Head-to Head Shocking Comparison of

mSpy and the Other 2 Leading Cell Phone Spy Trackers

There are 3 cell phone trackers that stand above any of the other competing software brands including mSpy. These are the leaders in the field that will track just about any phone and let you know exactly what’s happening on it. All communication types such as emails, calls and texts can be spied on and monitored. As well, these software packages also include GPS tracking so at any minute of the day or night you’ll know with absolute certainty exactly where the phone and the user are! Anything else that you’ll need to know will also be right at your fingertips. All that you need to do now is to get started!

#3 Mobile Spy – A great tracker loaded with features!

Mobile Spy is an awesome tracker that you can install on someone else’s cell phone to find out what you need to know. It comes with all the features you’d ever want and need in a spyware device for cell phones including the ability to check email activity, record phone contacts, log iPhone iMessages, record surroundings, find out what calls are being dialed out and then received on the device, view videos and photos and best of all discover what is being said through texts and calls. No matter what type of information you need to know, this mobile spying software can bring it to you in one easy-to-use interface on the Internet.

According to the Mobile Spy reviews, this is a fantastic tracking system that you can count on time and time again. Are you worried about your spouse cheating on you? Do you think that your teenagers may be involved in activities that could lead them into trouble? Perhaps you have an employee that you suspect may be taking some extra time during business hours to attend to his own personal affairs. Whatever your concerns may be, this software can put them to an end!

The truth about Mobile Spy that you absolutely have to know now!

Don’t get us wrong, this is an absolutely mind-boggling piece of technology that will definitely serve you well and Mobile Spy comes at an affordable price for a 3- month license. The reason why we have placed it at number 3 on our list, however, is due to its refund policy and lack of a short-term contract.

If you want to try out the software for a month, for instance, this time frame is not available with the company. You are limited to a 3-month, a 6-month or a 12-month license. If you’re worried about your spouse cheating on you and you find out within a month’s time that he does have another girlfriend, you will have spent the extra money for an additional 2 months of spyware that you didn’t really need.

The other con that has been discussed in Mobile Spy reviews, and can be seen documented on their site, is the fact that you cannot get a refund if you simply change your mind or don’t like the product. The only way a refund will be granted is if the software is proven to be defective.

#2 Mobistealth – An outstanding tracker for short term use!

If you are on a limited budget and only want to spy on someone’s cell phone for a couple of weeks, this is the cell tracker you’ll want to install. The basic program is a good one that can give you the answers you are so desperately searching for at a low price. For a 2-week basic program with Mobistealth you’ll receive the following features:

  • Call History Logging
  • iMessages Logging
  • SMS Logging
  • GPS Tracking

These are the basics and for many people they will be all that’s needed for cell phone monitoring. Sometimes keeping things simple is all a person wants and in that regard this may just be the perfect cell phone tracker for you to start with.

This program also offers long term tracking options but at this point the features provided are more costly than the other software types and don’t offer as many features. As far as quality goes, however, you can rest assured that the Mobistealth reviews have all been fantastic – you don’t have to worry about the quality of this spy system at all!

The incredible features you can expect on the longer-term programs

If you order the Lite version of this Mobi  program you’ll receive all of the standard features include SMS logging, contact details, iMessages Logging, GPS tracking, logging  of the call history, tracking without GPS and browser history logging. The Pro version of this cell spy software also offers the standard features and then goes one step further by providing the following advanced features:

  • Video logging
  • Email logging
  • Record surroundings
  • Logging for WhatsApp Messenger
  • Listen live to surroundings
  • Picture logging

Mobistealth offers most of the same amazing features that you’d find with other cell phone trackers. It’s definitely a fantastic product that will track and monitor cell phones, but we have placed it at number 2 on the list simply because it is pricier than the others while offering slightly fewer options. If, on the other hand, you simply want to try out cell phone monitoring for a couple of weeks and are concerned about using the higher-end options, then you may want to consider giving this software a try!

#1 – mSpy delivers more bang for your buck in head-to-head comparisons with other cell phone spying systems!

More features, better pricing and more flexibility is what makes mSpy the leader for telephone track ware. It is offered as a basic package, premium or a business solution so that anybody, anywhere can use this set up. When you’re looking for answers to your most burning questions, this is the right program for you. The amazing features found on this software include the standard features found in other cell phone trackers plus extras that include:

Browse through Skype messages – This is a great feature for spying on both personal and business messages. A lot of people are using Skype these days and you never know what may be discussed through a Skype call!

Block applications - This is a special feature that all parents will love. Control the applications that your children can use on their cell phones.

View history and bookmarks - Find out what the user has been browsing on the Internet and what sites been bookmarked.

Notes, calendar and tasks - The people that have been leaving mSpy reviews love this special feature! Browsing through the calendar will give you an insight into the user’s daily business and his personal agenda.

Flexible pay plans that are affordable!

The reason we love this software so much is it offers flexible pay plans that are budget-minded. Both the basic and premium packages can be purchased as a 1-month or a 3-month package while the business setup is offered as a 6-month or 12-month subscription. Starting at only $39.99 for a basic 1-month package, you won’t find a better deal anywhere. You’ll be able to view the call history, text messages and emails while also tracking the GPS location of the phone itself.

Fortunately, mSpy also comes with a 10-day refund policy. If for any reason the spyware cell phone package doesn’t work out for you, you’ll be able to get your money back. This is an important feature and it should be a part of any spying software you decide to purchase.

The best of the best features – it all comes down to customer support!

Knowing and learning how to use the software should be your number one concern once you have decided on the features you require the most. For this reason you’ll need to work with a company that backs up its spying product 100% and is willing to work with you. All of the 3 companies offer excellent customer service but again, the mSpy reviews indicate that this product comes with the best customer support.

If you need any help at all there are friendly customer representatives that are standing by ready to serve. Support ticket and email support are both available 24/7 while phone support is offered on their premium and business packages. The response time is fast according to reviewers so you won’t have to worry about waiting a long time for more guidance. When you need assistance with the spying software it’s just an email or a phone call away!

It’s time to make a decision! You need to get started now!

When you’re considering your options for a cell phone spy device take a look through the top 3 mentioned above. When all is said and done, these are the best of the best and you really shouldn’t even consider any others. These trackers have been tested and have been giving loyal users the results they have wanted for a number of years!

You deserve to get the answers you need right away so that you can start planning for the future now. In order to take advantage of the best cell phone features, download mSpy now!